Our Services

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360° Creative Solutions

From ideas to reality, we create designs to inspire, acquire and attract

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Application Development

We understand IT challenges and then propose & build digital solutions

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Business Insights

Empowering organisatons with effective dashboards and report implementation

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Coaching & Training

Know how effective your sales team is in front of your customer

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C A D D I E®

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SiA Digital, Benchmarking, Logo, Understanding

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The reasoning behind an idea, strategy, or proposal of how something should be done


Redesigning and transforming the concept to meet client specifications


Design is the creation of a plan to show the look and function of the concept


The process of giving a specific shape to the concept in order to build a solution


Any final changes to meet clients expectations and get a specific outcome


Performing all the necessary steps/iterations to deliver the agreed output.


We worked on

Thoughts & Words


How does colour influence design

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How good design can help you grow your business

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Impact of Covid-19 on the daily life of a corporate person

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About Us

"SiA Digital", a subsidiary of Healthcare interAction, works tirelessly to make their clients successful.

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Our Team

A young, dynamic team of professionals infused with creativity and professionalism, passionate about achieving better results for the clients, delivering brilliant designs and digital applications beyond expectations.

Offsite - 2018

2018 had been a wonderful business year for Healthcare interAction and as a Thank you gesture, more..

Leadership Team

SiA Digital,Team, Gary, Gary Colleran, Case, Output
Gary Colleran Managing Director
SiA Digital,Team, Abhijit, Abhijit Sengupta, Challenge, Passionate
Abhijit Sengupta Director
SiA Digital,Team, Ankitash, Ankitash Tulyani, Challenges, Performing
Ankitash Tulyani Head Global Delivery
SiA Digital,Team, Renu, Renu Chaudhary, Circle, Personal
Renu Chaudhary Head Design & Creatives


  • Graphics / UI-UX Designer

    Experience : 1-2 years
    Skill Set : Adobe Software, Graphic Design Software.
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  • .Net ( Intern )

    Experience : Freshers
    Skill Set :, SQL Server, MVC and entity framework.
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  • .Net Developer

    Experience : 1+ years
    Skill Set : C#, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript/ASP or .NET, SQL Server, MySQL.
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